About Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts

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Shoshin Ryu is a complete system of martial arts that places emphasis on the physical and mental skills required for self-defense and personal growth. These skills are taught in a supportive and non-competitive manner with emphasis placed on the development of personal excellence within each practitioner.   Shoshin Ryu is both bujutsu (a school emphasizing effective martial arts techniques) and budo (a school emphasizing personal character development). 

The development of the Shoshin Ryu practitioner leads to skilled martial artists who are not  fighters but rather those who can fight; martial artists who continually seeks to better their skills and personal understanding. Shoshin Ryu practitioners are warrior scholars who are at home with peace and not afraid of the challenges life brings. They are people who develop their own concept of excellence.  They are at peace with themselves because they are confident in their tools and abilities.

Shoshin Ryu focuses on six training elements to effectively open a path for excellence in martial arts:

JUJUTSU (throws, chokes, pins, blending, joint manipulation)

GOSHINJUTSU (self defense applications)

BUKI (weapons)

NE WAZA (ground skills including strikes, chokes, joint locks/breaks, pins)

ATEMI (kata, strikes, pressure points, kicks)

TAISO (physical fitness, flexibility, strength, balance) 


Sensei Michael Scisco has a black belt in the Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts system. He is a Certified Shoshin Ryu Instructor and has over 16 years of martial arts experience.

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National Shoshin Ryu Website - https://www.shoshinryu.org/

Scottsdale, Arizona (Shoshin Ryu Permanent Dojo) - http://shoshinaz.org/ (make sure to check out videos!)

Anchorage, Alaska - http://alaska.shoshinryu.org/

Chantilly, Virginia - http://www.shoshinryuva.com/

Idaho Falls, Idaho - http://www.ifshoshinryu.com/

Meridian (Boise), Idaho - http://www.martialartsidaho.com/

Plymouth, Minnesota - http://shoshinryumn.com/

Wilmington, North Carolina - http://www.shoshinnc.org/

Albuquerque, New Mexico (2nd dojo) - http://abqshoshinryu.com/

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Belchertown, Massachusetts

Atchison, Kansas

Bellingham, Washington